We Buy Vinyl

Looking for a Place to Sell Your Vinyl Records?

Looking for a Place to Sell Your Vinyl Records?

Bring them to our music store in Tonawanda, NY

If you're looking to trade in your vinyl collection, don't settle for a pawnshop that won't appreciate it. You can sell vinyl records to a genuine music enthusiast by visiting M&B Record Exchange in Tonawanda, NY.

We'll evaluate your vintage records and give you a fair offer depending on the quality and condition of your collection. You can discuss your records with a pro instead of wasting your time and energy on someone just looking for easy profit.

Sell your vinyl records by visiting our store today.

We're always looking for more music

At M&B Record Exchange, we strive to provide music lovers with the biggest possible selection of the classics. If you're looking to sell your collection, you can bring all kinds of vintage records to our store. We buy genres like...

  • Classic rock
  • Pop rock
  • Reggae
  • Jazz

Stop by our location today to sell your vinyl records directly to a vinyl record store.